Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekly Update!

Hey Guys I hope all is going well for you guys!

Ahh... The Stress of Final Assignments is looming over me, so most likely my next post will be m brand new weekly blog thing on saturday, as this week and last week was absolute hell for me, I will talk about it later!

Thank you for your patience!

Zero :D

P.S. Ill Leave you guys a little treat! :D

"The Machine" Which is 2006's Drum Corp Show of The Cavaliers (From Rosemount Illinois, not Cleveland :P ) which sadly is not the whole show due to it being televised.But Its something! Enjoy!


  1. Uhg, the precision involved in this makes my head hurt. The amount of work it takes to do this is ridiculous.

  2. Good luck with your assignments ;>

  3. Cool vid mate, how'd you stumble across this?

  4. I love the cavaliers! My drum teacher in high school was in the snare line :D