Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rant 1 (5/1/2011)

What must we do, to open our minds? To learn who we truly are inside, to discover our place in this world? Why is it that while we can accept ourselves, others cannot, refuse, and shun those who we are? Where is the line between truth and lies, reality and fantasy, the world and dreams? Why is it we cannot live in both, to cross those lines and remove the chains that tie us to life? Must our minds be so decisive, concrete, set in stone and time, all while the world changes right down to the last spec of life? Where is the line between fantasy and reality? Its right there and we cross it everyday without even knowing.

   We chase and struggle to find happiness, yet happiness is already before us. We reach for the stars when heaven is right in front of us. We struggle to discover, to change, and to learn; yet everything is laid out in before us. We fight and take, when everything we could ever need is already there. We change and adapt in order to become accepted, by our peers, by our elders, by the world; yet we must truly learn to accept ourselves. We cross out our mistakes, edit our typos, and check for errors to make our final drafts perfect; but nothing is ever perfect, that’s what makes it so perfect. We tear ourselves apart; lie awake through the night, to find the logic in the logic-less; yet where is the logic in making sense of the senseless? We procrastinate to answer the riddles of life, yet the only riddle we must solve is our own. We pray and hope for the answers, yet the answers lie within us. We ask ourselves, “What is the meaning of life” and we hear nothing, because we are too busy looking when the answer is already there.

   Why do we laugh, when something amuses us? Why do we cry, when something breaks us? Why do we smile, when something brightens us? Why do we frown, when something angers us? Why is it that we humans bottle ourselves up when cannot accept the light and its honesty? Why is it that we humans find safety in such darkness when all it does is give us pain? Why do we experience love when we know it may lead to great loss? Why do we hate when we know it fuels even more hate? Why do we try so hard when we know that it might lead to our downfall? Why? It is because we are free.

Day 1- The Beginning of it all

Hello Everyone!

This is the first day that I am starting this, in which hopefully someone will be actually reading this (chuckles). Well I am one month away from graduating high school and yet I have not decided where to go to college. It has gone to 3 choices, Local University, Local University's Rival University which is an hour away that I live from, or my dream university that I got accepted to (which in this case is in state but 8 hours away). I'm currently deciding to go to my dream school because it is a fresh new start and there is much more opportunity after graduation, but if I stay local the costs will be much smaller since I will be able to stay home, but time is only my enemy as i have to decide by the end of the month. I am leaning towards my dream school and only my enemy, which is time will tell. I will be an aspiring music theory major and that's all I have for today, I'll see you next time! :)

Zero :)