Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rant 2 (5/4/2011)

Mainstream music is retarded. It's understandable why most of the population loves mainstream music, I mean; we've all enjoyed (and most of us still enjoy some) mainstream music. It's catchy, easy to listen to, and especially easy to forget. So, why is mainstream music so *bad*, mister pretentious music listener?

Because mainstream music is without emotion.

As I've told some of you, music is emotion. It's the emotion the band and or person can manage to shove into the song, and the emotions you pick up.In which this case  mainstream music takes the emotion, the ESSENTIAL IN ALL ART, throw it out the window like a used condom, and make music that sounds like it was made on an "assembly line". Mainstream music is not even music. It's a business. 

They find some hot plastic surgery infested bitch  who can "kinda" sing if the mood's right and you're drunk enough to puke yesterday's lunch out your nose, shove her into a studio, auto tune the living, limping crap out of her voice, slam on some beats they made in fucking "Fruity Loops", and take it straight from the ass of the record label, and shove it in the mouths of YOU, the mainstream listener. If you taste closely, instead of just skimming over it like you do with all music, you can taste the crap. You can taste that something's not right here.

Perfect Example:  The Black Eyed Peas. Kesha
What the fuck is that. Seriously. I'm sorry if you like them but what the hell is that. They even admitted when they made the albu, with the boom boom crap that they just did that for the money, they don't even give a shit about their fans, when was the last time they ever even communicated to their fans with Facebook or even twitter? I highly doubt it because they have too much time blowing their money on idiocy and if you actually get a reply from them its most likely a representative hired to reply on their networks! when's the last time they ever even touched an instrument and actually played something on their own! It is not how it works! >:( Even kesha or ketchup whatever her crap name is
the same crap. I doubt that kesha poured her soul on "waking up in the morning feeling like p diddy". Bullcrap, its not even music and you are also teaching children the wrong thing! Now kids these days think they are the coolest kids ever singing to spank that booty hoes and actually doing things in the songs for all the wrong reasons...

Mainstream music is sterile, with the sole only purpose of making money. And when art is made purely for the sake of money, it's not art anymore; it's just this lifeless shell of what it could be. Music "can" be amazing, music "can" revolutionize an entire life within 4 minutes, but you goddamn idiot listeners keep going back to the same shit that sounds good then and there. That's really the only appeal to mainstream music, isn't it? That it's catchy and easy to get into? And, dear god, isn't that just PERFECT for the MTV generation? We can't sit still for 5 minutes, let alone 5 seconds. We need ?music videos" to accompany our songs. We have AUDIOBOOKS. We don't like spending time, apparently.

Is this really what you want to listen to? Do you really want to listen to music so sterile, so mass produced, that it all has the EXACT SAME BUILD? 

You can change. You can try music that's original, music that doesn't follow in the same patterns over and over and over, (in which now people judge music now based on mainstream crap which is ridiculous) or you can try music with EMOTION, good sir or madam. All you have to do is listen, for once in your life. /end of rant.


  1. I dont think i could love this post more! Not Even joking but i agree with you so much, most mainstream artists don't put nearly as much time or dedication into their music as so many unnoticed artists do. I'm glad there is like minded people!

  2. lol try not to get so wound up about it. Just listen to the music you enjoy listening to!

  3. I also hate black eyed peac ! and rab&rnb !

  4. Years 2000-2009 are only remembered from shitty music. The current decade's music has gone even worse. I truly hope that things will change soon in the future.

  5. that's why i stick with underground

  6. You're reading my mind mate, it really is sickening that all these talentless fucks get signed and publicised while the real artists out there struggle to even get signed to a small time label. How does it work? There must be a lot of back room fucking that goes on in the place of real auditions and demos.

  7. Yup. Thanks for the feedback guys :)

    and I totally agree with the business that goes on in the industry. I hope one day (which might be impossible) that this would change. That's why us enjoy the independent artists around. Better quality music, and it actually has meaning.

  8. TBH, I barely listen to music. LOL. Thanks for the post though. (: