Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Song :)

Hey Guys, Ill make this short because I don;t really have much time. Ive been really busy lately trying to catch up on late assignments from school but here's what I promised. my first song, its a bit minimalistic but I hope you enjoy. Constructive criticizm is highly encouraged :D

Thanks for everything guys :)
Zero :)

Untitled Song by zero skyy


  1. It's a cool piece of music. I only listened on pc speakers so I couldn't tell if there was any real bass-line... I think it could be improved by a bit of bass I think

  2. @ nom, it doesn't really have a bass line, that's what I couldn't really get an idea on how to fit one on its style. So its just whole notes on the intro is the bass line.

  3. Checking out later my speakers are busted

  4. Pretty neat, the song completely change directions at 1:00.