Sunday, May 8, 2011

Q and A From Some Fellow Followers (5/8/2011)

Hello Everyone.

I decided to make another blog section to answer the questions you have all asked me. I appreciate all of you so much from reading this and taking your time to read this. Now I am going to answer all the questions you guys give me (I will try my best to answer them as clearly and comprehensive that I can so please bear with me:) ).

First question comes from Rick (You can check out his blog in this link if you'd like. I love his blog )  and he said in quote.
"How do you like going to school in Texas. I used to consider going there, I think I would like Texas. Hit me back!"

I'm looking forward to college so much due to the fact that my high school is bad; it's horrible. I don't mind the teachers, they are great teachers. We don't have the most advanced technology or books, but our teachers and staff are the best. The reason I hate my high school is the students there. In my senior class (and all the past senior classes also) about 45 percent of every senior class goes to college. Around 70 percent of that 45 percent of that senior class drop out due to impregnation of a girl, or blowing all their college aid money on which usually is a brand new sports car or party supplies ( I live in a poor community, high class in my community gross around 40-50 k a year, my family earns 20k, and yes we can afford internet, barely.). Now the remaining 30 percent of that 45 percent that went to college, only 15 percent of that actually end up with a college degree. (which ends up being around 20 people per senior class actually graduating with a degree) I don't blame the teachers or the school for this, I blame the teenagers of my age. (To go more in depth you should check out my newest rant about teenagers,lol.) Also no on gives a crap about sports or academics, etc etc. Except Marching band in my school.(In which I will talk about that later.) I honestly think it's my community (who is never involved in anything, we can literally get taxed 100 percent and no one would do anything.) For the poor showing of the teenagers and the success of my school. So therefore I think Rick meant about college, but I have not been in college yet so I cannot quite answer that question yet. lol; but I gave my answer about high school here and it's fine except the people here in which hopefully is different in other schools.

Second Question comes from Charles Winthrop ( He has an awesome vodka/gummy bear experiment going on so you should definably try it, I can't since I am still underage,lol. his blog is here and the instructions to the gummi bear project ) His question is in quote (I'll try not to ramble on this time.)

"You're doing Insanity? I saw an infomercial about it a couple days ago. It seemed... well, insane lol. How is it? I've been thinking of trying it out. Let me know."
Yes I am doing Insanity and it is great! It does not really teach you how to work out, it teaches you the limits and how much will you have; and it develops and grows bigger and better. I just finished my first week of insanity and I'll tell ya that I already see a difference in my body, not a huge one but it is noticeable. My chest is actually starting to form like a buff guy and my arms look stronger, that's the only difference I've noticed so far, but it is definitely worth a try. The hardest task for Insanity is just to stick to working out every day. It can be a hassle but that is the only problem I have came up on. The exercises aren't that bad and they are easy to learn so definitely give it a try. it feels so great finishing a workout from insanity while you go 100 percent. (Be warned, you will not keep up with the people there unless you are a huge fitness freak in the first

Last Question and it is short and sweet by Rockinrule (He plays the sax and I play the sax! He is awesome, check out his blog here :)  ) His question is...

"Where do you want to go, anyways"

That is University of Texas at San Antonio. Not a prestigious school but I love the atmosphere there, better than the middle of nowhere place that I live; but I really chose there because of the atmosphere.

That's it for all. Now I ask you guys something. Short and sweet.

How was your day? Enough of me now I want to hear frome you! :)

Thanks again guys for reading this. Take care.

Zero :)

Oh. By the way I wanted to share this with you guys. If you don't think my school is horrible enough we came out on CNN last year with all the wrong reasons :)
(You can also ask questions about this video also :) !) I'll be glad to answer them.

Thanks again.

(that's the video link, it did not let me embed it for some reason)


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  2. Cool post. My dayisfine thanks... my gf is hungover and asleep behind me lol

  3. Thanks for answering my question. For some reason I thought you had been in college already. Good luck getting out of that high school!

  4. Thanks for the read; my day has been fine - studying for exam q_q

  5. Good luck with insanity, man. Thanks for sharing all this.